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The Best of Times

By Penny Vincenzi

Large format paperback. Back broken and bent, some discoloration on the covers. No other visible damage. 

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Jonathan, the charismatic surgeon returning from a liaison with his mistress, Abi. His wife thinks he's somewhere else. Georgia, the young actress on her way to audition for the part that could make her career; and Linda, her agent, dynamic, ambitious - but lonely after a failed marriage. Toby, the bridegroom with a dark secret on the way to his wedding, with his best friend, Barney. Mary, traveling to the airport to meet her first love, whom she hasn't seen in over fifty years; William, the farmer who watches the drama unfold across the hill; and Emma, the engaging young surgeon at the nearest hospital. One heartbeat in time, and all their lives are transformed. Worlds are torn apart, mysteries are created, love affairs ended - and ignited. But is it for the worst, or could it be for the best?