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Liverpool Taffy/ The Girl From Seaforth Sands

By Katie Flynn

Mass market paperback. Condition: used. Spine broken regularly and bent, some wear and tear on the covers. 

Note: this is a double feature, containing two novels: Liverpool Taffy and The Girl from Seaforth Sands

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Liverpool Taffy

Biddy O'Shaughnessy is left destitute when her widowed  mother dies. Forced to work all hours for Mia Kettle, owner of the local sweets shop, she can soon take no more and runs away. She finds herself homeless living rough off the mean streets of Liverpool. When she applies for the post of maid with the Gallagher family, Biddy starts to feel she might at last be able to lead a normal life. Especially when she meets Dai, a young Welshman working the trawlers. But Nellie Gallagher has a secret that will change all their lives... 

The Girl from Seaforth Sands

Bill and Isobel Logan scratch a living by selling shrimps around the streets of Liverpool. Amy, their youngest daughter, hates the work, and particularly the smell. When Isobel dies, Bill marries Suzie Keegan, a good-looking widow but lazy and selfish.  Amy is desperate to get away. She moves to the centre of Liverpool, but the city is in turmoil with strikes and riots, and furthermore, her visits home are spoiled by the hateful Paddy...