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Salt of the Earth

By Sally Spencer 

Mass market paperback. Condition: used. Spine broken regularly, some wear and tear on the covers. 

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Becky Taylor is born the last of seven children into a poor working class family during the heyday of the Industrial Revolution. Her mother is exhausted by poverty and child-bearing, her father has given the best years of his life to Worrels salt works as a miner. But in spite of her hardships, in spite of her poverty, Becky Taylor grows up in a family full of warmth, loyalty and determination. When her father is unexpectedly laid off work, her mother astounds the family and neighborhood by opening the first fish and chips shop in Marston. Neighbours and friends prophesy disaster, but the Taylor family are determined to make a go of it. Spanning twenty years, this is at once a family saga and a story of the indomitable working class spirit; it is also the story of a beautiful woman, Becky Taylor, who is determined to rise above her origins and lead a better life. Her challenge is to achieve her dreams without losing the friends and family to whom she owes everything.